Vibrational Sound Massage

By placing the singing bowl on your body while using heat, sound and vibrations, I can help you relax tensed up muscles and release trauma in the body. $125/ 60 mins

Reiki & Sound Healing Therapy

Releasing stress through energy & sound. $125/ 60 mins Benefits: Pain management, better moods, improved sleep, lowers blood pressure & anxiety, reduces stress, & increases relaxation in the body and mind. Pricing may vary with travelling & group sessions.

Tarot/ Oracle card readings

Mystic readings for self-discovery and clarity. Breakdown of your upcoming year, love readings, goal setting, answers to your yes or no question. Guidance on life events. $55/ 30min session


Relax and balance with my yoga classes. Let me help you be the best version of you! Offer: Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Chair Yoga Private 1hr Session: $66


Do you have any health concerns? Are you looking to optimize your health? Book a session with me and together we can find a diet & routine that works for you to get you feeling your best! Let food be thy medicine - Hippocrates $66/hr