The Alchemy of Self: A Plant Medicine Retreat Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal evolution as we invite you to join the Gaia team for this immersive experience, designed to explore the profound alchemical process of inner transformation using sacred plant allies, ancient wisdom, and modern consciousness practices. Together, we will unlock the hidden potential within, transmuting the ordinary into the extraordinary. Program Highlights: Sacred Plant Medicine Alchemy: - Immerse yourself in the wisdom of sacred plant medicine ceremonies guided by experienced and compassionate facilitators. - Witness the alchemical transformation of consciousness as you explore the depths of your inner self. Inner Alchemy Workshops: - Dive into the principles of inner alchemy, drawing inspiration from both ancient and contemporary wisdom. - Learn practical tools and techniques to transmute personal challenges into opportunities for growth. Meditation and Reflection: - Cultivate mindfulness and inner stillness through daily meditation practices. - Engage in guided self-reflection to uncover hidden facets of your being. Alchemy of the Elements: - Explore the transformative power of the four elements (earth, water, fire, air) within and around you. - Connect with the elemental energies to harmonize your inner alchemical process. Creative Expression and Ritual: - Harness the creative forces within you through art, music, and sacred rituals. - Design and participate in personalized rituals that symbolize your journey of inner alchemy. Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine: - Immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of sound, including crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and shamanic drumming. - Experience the profound harmonizing effects of sound on your body, mind, and spirit. Group Sharing and Integration: - Share your insights, experiences, and revelations with a supportive and nurturing community. - Facilitated group discussions aid in the integration of newfound wisdom and alchemical transformations. Nature and Elemental Immersion: - Commune with the natural world, where the alchemy of life unfolds effortlessly. - Guided nature walks and elemental ceremonies deepen your connection with the natural forces. Nutrition and Vitality: - Nourish your body and spirit with plant-based meals that support physical vitality and energetic alignment. - Learn about the alchemy of nutrition and its impact on your overall well-being. Plant Medicine Retreat: Plant medicine retreats have gained significant popularity as a transformative tool for individuals seeking profound personal growth and healing. Rooted in ancient traditions and wisdom, these retreats offer a unique and powerful way to catalyze deep inner transformation. Plant medicine serves as a mirror, reflecting our internal landscape and guiding us on a journey back to our true selves. This journey, though sometimes challenging, is a vital aspect of healing and growing, both within and beyond the ceremony's boundaries. A plant medicine ceremony can bring emotions, fears, and discomfort to the surface, urging us to confront them and recognize our power to choose how to address them in the present moment and throughout our lives. In ceremony you will be safely guided and supported as you journey within revealing how your perceptions, values, and beliefs have been shaped and they can be shifted to create a different path forward. Billie is a trained and experienced Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Guide and Integration Coach and will complete a thourough intake with all interested participants before registration to ensure everyones comfort and safety is respected in program. You will also receive continued integration support following the completion of the program as you chart your path to personal freedom. Testimonials: “This journey was nothing but exceptional, transformational, healing and rejoicing." "It was one of the best decisions of my life and my expectations were widely surpassed." "Throughout the retreat, I felt supported, safe and, most importantly, loved." "Billie, the host, was exceptionally kind and attentive throughout the journey." Investment in Your Self: PRIVATE CABINS: All inclusive in a Private Cabin (2 cabins available) $2422 + Tax SHARED CABINS: All inclusive in Shared Cabin (2 beds per cabin) $1611 + Tax Included in your cabins: 2 single XL beds OR 1 King bed with privacy canopies Organic handmade flax linens Organic bamboo mattress and pillow protectors Haven mattresses that are plant-based and eco - friendly Private bathroom and separate private shower (shower floor sourced from our waterfront stones) Natural cork yoga mats (purchase of each mat provides 10 meals to children in need) Natural hemp-filled meditation cushions, handcrafted and embroidered with intention Extra bed blankets and fireside set Local organic teas Drinkware made from recycled coffee husks Personal care amenities, custom made from natural essential oils that are locally sourced or from our land, including a hand sanitizer Lavender pillow spray sourced from lavender farm next door Beach towels Copper water bottles for our reverse osmosis drinking water Hair dryer Each night's stay supports the EcoStay Reforestation project, ask us how to name the tree planted in honour of your visit Limited to 8 exclusive spaces available EARLY BIRD PRICING AVAILABLE Save 10% if you register 60 days prior to the retreat with a 50% deposit. Additional 5% Off if Registering as a Couple or 2 Friends Together 50% Deposit Required upon Registration To learn more or to register please visit:

  • Date: 05/07/2024 04:00 PM - 07/07/2024 02:00 PM
  • Location Prince Edward County, ON, Canada (Map)
  • More Info: Harmony, PEC

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